Things You Need for Travelling for a Cold Trip

Traveling to cold places does not necessarily mean you have to pack thick pieces of clothing. The thing with thick clothing is that they take up so much space in your luggage.  The technique here is to pack thin pieces of clothing that you can wear in layers.  The thin clothing can be packed in layers inside your suitcase. It gives you extra space to pack other things compared to those thick jackets.  Aside from that, the thin clothing allows you to have various styles to choose from.

Bring some clothing made from wool. Wool is one material that helps stabilize the temperature of the body. Here are the specific layers of cold weather gear you need.

Base Layers

These are commonly the thinnest clothing and are worn next to your skin. It gives warmth just like a sweater does. You have the option to bring long or short-sleeved base shirts. These should go in your suitcase first. The fabrics should be merino or wool. These wool shirts will help you keep warm in the cold weather.suitcase-packing_3388952a-xlarge


Big and thick socks are the best for the trip. It is perfect to keep your toes from getting cold. But, thick socks take a big space in your suitcase which you can alot for something else.  What you can do is to bring thinner socks and wear them in layers of two. Thinner socks can easily be packed in the suitcase and do not take up a lot of space.  Aside from that, they take less time to dry. You can hand wash them, hang them in the bathroom and wear them again.  Again, wool is the best material for socks in cold weather. Three or four pairs will do you good for the whole trip.


A pair of boots with fully threaded soles is the best when you are going to a place where there is snow.  The thread prevents you from slipping.  It only means that you should wear rubber-soled boots.  Boots also offer warmth to your feet. It is the kind of warmth you will not get from regular shoes.  Instead of packing them, you should wear them on your way to your travel destination. The next footwear you need to have is a pair of flip-flops. These you can wear inside your hotel room. Flip-flops do not take up a lot of space in your luggage.

Jackets and Sweaters

Sweaters are going to make your second layer. You can pack them in your suitcase neatly. Since sweaters are on the thin side, they will not take up so much space in your luggage. You can bring about 2 of these. You wear them over your base shirt.  Jackets are worn to top it all off.  But since jackets are thick, you need to wear them to your destination. Packing them in your luggage eats up so much space.


For cold weather places, you need to pack accessories like a beanie or bonnet, a couple of scarves, and gloves. You can pack them in the pockets of your luggage. This way they will not eat up any space in the main compartment.By packing light, you’ll be able to enjoy your travel more.